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Tech Support Intro
Installation error codes

Technical Support by phone

All LegalPlus Software products are supported free of charge through technical support on the phone. Technical support hours are:

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST (except for holidays)

Phone numbers: 1-800-637-1260 or (206) 286-3600

Technical Support by fax

Any technical support issues or questions you may have regarding LegalPlus Software products can be submitted through our fax lines which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fax number: (425) 227-5441

Technical Support by e-mail

Any technical support issues or questions you may have regarding LegalPlus Software products can be submitted through e-mail. Please send these e-mail messages to:

Technical Support on the Internet

We are developing a process of providing you with technical support on the Internet. This will include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Hot Tips, and other reference material to help you be more effective in using our products.

Reference manual

The reference manuals that are bundled with the product were designed to have examples and screen illustrations as well as For Practice sessions to provide users with a better learning experience using the manual. Most user questions can be answered by looking it up in the manual. Please take the time to become familiar with the manual and its contents. This also helps keep our technical support on the phone more responsive and timely in resolving the more unusual or difficult issues.

Installation Error Codes

If you are trying to install your software and your computer says, "Installation Failed" and gives you a 5 digit error code, call our free tech support hotline at 1-800-637-1260 and we will be happy to assist you!


Tell me about Law Online!
The Attorney List
What is Property Calc?

If you are not using SupportCalc's Law Online (F1), you are really missing out! Check it out! From within the program, press F1 to view the Child Support Schedule Definitions and Standards. SupportCalc can automatically paste applicable standards into the "Additional Factors for Consideration" page to help you support your arguments.

Use Forms+Plus as a contact list for attorney names, addresses, phone numbers and bar numbers. If you have to type an attorney's information somewhere, type it in the attorney list and the program will save it for you forever. FormsPlus will automatically fill in signatures blocks on pleadings, generate envelopes, and much more. How many attorneys are in your attorney list?

If you're not using PropertyCalc, you are working too hard! You enter property information into one place and PropertyCalc automatically creates reports and spreadsheets and keeps a running total of asset and debt distribution among the parties. PropertyCalc makes your practice easier.

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