Combining SupportCalc® PA and Forms
for the Family Law Practitioner

Updated For All Rule 1910.16 Revisions Effective January 1, 2022

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FamilySoft/SupportCalc® PA calculates child and spousal support, and produces all the forms, worksheets, and financial statements needed for any support case in Pennsylvania.
  • Used in the courts.
  • Chosen by more family law offices than any other software.
  • Undisputed leader in support calculations for over 16 years.
  • More than just child support. Includes Property Division, Financial Statements, Parenting Plan, Many forms you will use in every case.

  • $28 per month subscription includes all the software PLUS:

  • FREE Updates during subscription period. (You will always have the most current software delivered via Quick Internet Update)
  • FREE Technical Support.
  • FREE SWIFT -- Secure Online client questionnaire that imports directly into FamilySoft™.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Significant discount for multiple licenses.

Thousands of users have helped to make FamilySoft/SupportCalc® easy to learn and use. The newest users can immediately become productive, while long-time users have incredible detail and control of even the most complicated details.
  • Clean, uncluttered screens.
  • Case walk through.
  • Easily find special features needed for the most complicated cases.
  • Special messages display when special situations may apply.

After 16 years of use by family law specialists, every detail of the law has been implemented in FamilySoft/SupportCalc® including:
  • All Aspects of Child Support
  • Sole and Shared Custody
  • Spousal Support (children/no children)
  • IRS Tax Calculations (1040ES)
  • Net Child Care calculations
  • High Income Child Support
  • Arrearage
  • Multiple Family Adjustment
  • Excess Mortgage
  • Case Documentation
  • Conversion to monthly amounts
  • Health Care Calculations
  • Unreimbursed Medical
  • Online Client Questionnaire
  • Context sensitive Rule 1610
  • Disability Payments to children
  • Net Business Income
More than just support ...
  • Financial Statements
  • Property Division
  • Parenting Plan
  • Electronic Case Preparation
Many more powerful features ... Order Today!

FamilySoft/SupportCalc® printouts have become the standard in the family law community. Your output will be familiar to the court and opposing counsel.
  • Share and Sole Custody Worksheets
  • Spousal Support worksheets
  • Support Guideline Income Detail
  • Support Guideline Case Report
  • Support Guideline Tax Detail Report
  • Earned Income Credit calculation Report
  • Net Business Income Report
  • Net Child Care Worksheet
  • Income Statement (High Income)
  • Income Statement (Standard Income)
  • Health Insurance Coverage Worksheet
  • Child Support Arrearage Worksheet
  • PA Expense Statement
  • Form of Inventory Statement
  • Statement of Assets Transferred
  • 10 Property Distribution Forms
  • Case Backup Documentation
  • Online Client Questionnaire
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Technical specs: Requires Windows operating system (XP or greater).
Can run on Mac computers if using Windows emulation software such as Parallels.
Very compatible with most systems. If you can run Windows, you can run FamilySoft.

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